Selena Vyle

Selena Vyle is a Canadian Comedy Award winning (A Sketch Comedy Eleganza Extravaganza) drag queen who has headlined Just For Laughs Montreal, Toronto Sketchfest and the We’re Funny That Way comedy festivals. She is a go-to host for events and fundraisers, and produces her own improvised cabaret nights. On any given night she’ll serve you high energy dance numbers, emotional ballads, political think pieces, live vocals, puppetry and cultural numbers from her native Lebanon and Mexico. Out of drag, she’s known as Nicky Nasrallah, and has been a member of the Second City House Company, sketch comedy troupe Panacea and musical improv troupe Songbuster. Nicky’s comedy shows have made many Toronto Top 5 year end lists. She is a proud member of Toronto’s only comedy drag house, House Of Lix.

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  • Aug 18 2020

    Selena Vyle

    This week Tricia sits down with the one, the only, the incredible Selena Vyle! These two dear friends chat everything from the queer community, NYC village, Drag culture, and of course soap operas, lots of soap operas!
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  • Aug 11 2019

    Selena Vyle/ Nicky Nasrallah

    This week, Erin interviews drag performer Selena Vyle (aka Nicky Nasrallah). On this fun and funny ep, Erin and Nicky talk about public bathroom sex, con non-con (trigger warning 38:10), and starfishing.
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  • Jun 04 2018

    RuPaul’s Drag Race 10 | BreastWorld & Social Media Kings to Queens! w/ SELENA VYLE!

    Canadian Drag Queens Vicki Lix & Selena Vyle discuss RPDR Season 10 Episode 9 & 10, Mass Debaters, YouTube-ing, Cabaret Style Drag, and MARK ZUCKERBERG'S ASSISTANT TRADE!
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