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  • Feb 16 2020

    The Bed Post Podcast LIVE

    This is a recording of the live Sonar show at Bad Dog Theatre with Head Mistress Shahrazad, Domina Dali, Griffin Toplitzky, and Everardo Ramirez. We discuss sour Skittles masochism, funniest role plays, and ball tug-o-war.
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  • Apr 21 2019


    It's Episode 178, and Erin is joined by Shahrazad, Head Mistress of The Ritual Chamber. Listen along as these two Pro Dommes answer Twitter questions that discuss BDSM and healing, resiliency in the field, and Domming styles.
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  • Mar 02 2018


    This week, The Bed Post Podcast presents Head Mistress of The Ritual Chamber, Shahrazad. Shahrazad talks about harnessing your inner dominatrix, how authentic punishment implements can further facilitate role play, and sexual magick for manifestation.
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