Shannon Lahaie
Shannon Lahaie is an actor in Toronto and a graduate of The Second City Conservatory Program. She has written and performed sketch in multiple festivals with her CCA nominated troupe, Dame Judy Dench, and most recently she co-created the 2017 Fringe hit, 32 Short Sketches About Bees, which went on to win Second City’s Outstanding New Comedy Award. When not performing improv or sketch, she can be found around the city running errands and talking quietly to herself.

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Killed to Death (12)

Killed to Death
Jan 05 2024 Guest

Shannon Lahaie and Marshton

On a special Killed to Death, the guys talk to Gianna Mantulo (Shannon Lahaie) about foraging - the various techniques and items she's found, including a corpse in a marsh.
Mar 31 2023 Guest

Shannon Lahaie and Larry

Bellhop at the Mont Clair, Flip Gunderson (Shannon Lahaie) has other aspirations. But for now, they're dealing with the death of the resident of the penthouse suite, the Wig King of Wisconsin.
Sep 02 2022 Guest

The Kids’ Table

4 attendees of a dinner party come together to figure out what happened to the mansion's owner. Miss Cerulean (Shannon Lahaie), Mr. Rumpleton (Laura Del Maschio), Gladis (Alex Cabrera-Aragon), and house servant Klog (Gavin Pounds).
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Break A Wish (9)

Break A Wish
Jun 22 2020 Guest

Liar Liar (1997)

In this movie review episode I'm joined by Zoe Kin and Shannon Lahaie to discuss Liar Liar, a film that made us wonder if we actually like Jim Carry's early comedies as much as we thought we did.
Jun 01 2020 Guest

Batarang 2

Another special Batarang episode with all new scenes. Dare I say, silly-er than the last. I took twelve improv comedians, recorded improvised scenes over the internet, and then edited them into the short comedic radio plays you are about to experience. 
May 25 2020 Guest

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit (1998)

I'm joined by Shannon Lahaie and Bryn Pottie to discuss the hidden gem, The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, a magical film where everyone's acting is turned up to 11!
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