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Shohana Sharmin

Shohana Sharmin is a Bangladeshi-Canadian emerging comedian, writer and theatre artist. Born and raised in Bangladesh, Shohana is a proud Muslim queer woman of colour. She is a recipient of the 2020 Queer Emerging Artist Award at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Shohana is the creator and a cast member of the critically acclaimed award-winning dark sketch comedy revue "Dead Parents Society." She is an alumna of Buddies in Bad Times theatre’s 2019 Emerging Creators Unit (under the mentorship of Catherine Hernandez of b current), Nightwood Theatre’s 2019 Young Innovators program, and b current Theatre’s 2019 bcHub Emerging Artists cohort. Shohana presented her first solo show "Come Here Often?" (directed by Akosua Amo-Adem) as part of 2019 Queer Pride at Buddies in Bad Times theatre. Her written works have been published in several publications. She is a former Featured Player at the Bad Dog Comedy Theatre, and an alumna of the Second City’s Improv and Longform Conservatories. She has performed in comedy and theatre festivals across North America. In non-pandemic times, she can regularly be seen performing across Toronto with her award-winning troupe Not Oasis  (2017 The Toronto Fringe Patrons Pick, NOW Critic’s Pick). She wishes she could be more like her mother. Visit Dead Parents' Society on Social Media https://twitter.com/dpssketchshow https://www.instagram.com/dpssketchshow

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    Nov 29 2021

    93 – Best Wishes – Food

    We are joined by Shohana Sharmin and Trevor Campbell to debate "Would you rather never get hungry/can't starve or never have food taste less than delicious?"
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  • Sep 20 2021

    84 – Everyone Is Queer

    We sit down with Shohana Sharmin and Trevor Campbell to discuss the wish "I wish everybody was queer" which for some reason means some discussion of RuPaul's Drag Race is mandatory.
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  • Aug 23 2021

    Incubus (ft. Shohana Sharmin)

    Could we argue that Incubus is homeofphobic bc they have a song named Drive knowing full well that GAYS CAN’T DO THAT!
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  • Jun 08 2021

    Drag Race Down Under | Family Resemblance! w/ Shohana Sharmin!

    The House Of Lix (Selena Vyle/HIllary Yaas) review Drag Race Down Under's makeover challenge with guest Shohana Sharmin!
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  • Jun 06 2021

    Shohana Sharmin

    This episode, Erin talks to fellow Sonar podcaster Shohana Sharmin from Finders Grievers. They discuss why it's important to keeping talking about taboo topics, learning and growing sexually, and exploring queerness.
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  • May 17 2021

    Ep. 285 – Shohana Sharmin

    The Spooky Tailor
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  • May 11 2021

    Shohana Sharmin

    On this week's episode, Alana talks to Shohana Sharmin (Finders Grievers podcast) talk about using comedy to cope with the grief of losing a loved one.
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  • Apr 28 2021

    Episode 00. Where to begin? (with Shohana Sharmin)

    In this episode, host Shohana Sharmin sits down with a very special guest - herself - to set the record straight: she does not have grief all figured out… and that’s okay. Follow Finders Grievers on Instagram & Twitter @findersgrievers
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  • Mar 08 2021

    Episode 4: Shohana Sharmin Makes Me Queer

    Writer, comedian and theatre artist Shohana Sharmin talks laughing through your deepest grief, criminals with high ponytails and the latter days of Curious George. [Happy International Women's Day!]
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  • Mar 23 2020

    27 – Mommy Magic

    Lindsay attempts to distract you from the stressful realities of the COVID-19 crisis with an episode all about motherly love.
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  • Oct 19 2018

    Shohana Sharmin

    We're back with a NEW episode featuring Shohana Sharmin! Member of The Kweendom and Not Oasis and all around cool human.
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  • Jun 09 2017

    Sam Burns, Shohana Sharmin And Principal McNow

    A corpse is found in a laser tag maze, and 3rd graders Spike and Jocelyn (Sam Burns and Shohana Sharmin) are the best chance at figuring out the mystery - they were the ones to discover the body, their moms...
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