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Simmone Park

Simmone is a consultant, strategist, stand up comedian, speaker and optimist for humanity. She studied International Business in Canada and Germany, with a focus on cross-cultural communication and negotiation and is currently completing courses with Philanthropy University, powered by Berkeley-Haas. She has lived, worked, and/or studied in 10 countries to date. A lover of giving back, Simmone has helped to source supplies and physically build homes, schools, and sustainable communities in Trinidad & Tobago, Guatemala, El Salvador, Kenya, and Panama.

Appeared on

  • Jul 21 2020

    63 – The Island Life w/ Symmone P.

    Symmone P. and I chat about spending months on Hawaii's big island, the quality of life vs. Toronto, if there's truth to Zodiac Signs, quarantining in the middle of nowhere, the fatigue of trying to fit in, and finding a...
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  • Dec 10 2019

    33 – The Breakdance Battle w/ Simmone Park

    Simmone Park, Canadian Comedian, joins Abbas Wahab and we talk about her recent trip to Detroit, being first generation Korean-Canadian, her immigrant dad and his small-business hustles, quitting her job and travelling the world building homes, and more.
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