Tanya Bevan

Tanya Bevan’s first experience in front of the camera was as a toddler featured in promotional materials for a local day care centre.  She performed in school plays, figure skating competitions, dance and vocal recitals as well as live theatre productions film and TV.  Her energy and enthusiasm for ‘making the best of every performance’ is always evident.  In figure skating, the ‘lutz’ soon because the ‘klutz’.  It was the one jump that challenged her the most, but she never gave up.   She has a passion for performing on stage. Her most memorable stage performance was as 'Bombalurina' in the musical CATS.

Bevan also has a love for dance.  She spent time dancing with the Toronto Argonauts 'Dance Pack', and the Toronto Marlies dance team.  While with the Marlies, she was selected to sing the national anthem on several occasions. She has also lived and worked, dancing professionally, in Morocco.

Bevan discovered acting for Film and T.V. while in high school. Having chosen it her career path, she moved to Toronto where she obtained credits in the feature film ‘The Rocker’, YTV’s ‘Instant Star’ and ‘Family Biz’, and The Family Channel’s ‘BAXTER’.  She has been on the set of several commercials, short and Indy Films.  Her most recent credits ‘Reign’, ‘Ashes’ and ‘The Scarehouse’.

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