Trevor Poelman
He created the Belief it or Not Podcast in 2018 and started doing video essays on YouTube in 2020. Trevor wrote and directed two critically acclaimed plays at the Toronto Fringe Festival. He also created a couple less well-received web series’.

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Spooked! (9)

Nov 01 2021 Guest

Ep. 306 – Belief It Or Not

The Spooky Trailer Home
Aug 26 2019 Guest

Ep. 200 – Spooktacular 4 Pt. 3

Today on Spooked! It's our four year anniversary and we got more guests than you can shake a stick at! And here's the final part! It's a spooky celebration, so grab your Dracula costumes, get some punch, and get ready to get Spooktaculared!
Aug 21 2018 Guest

Ep. 150 – Spooktacular 3 Pt. 1

Today on Spooked! It's our three year anniversary and all our friends showed up to celebrate with three spooky stories! More guests! More stories! More Spooked! So grab your party hats and noise makers and get ready to get Spooked!
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