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  • Nov 13 2018

    The Sauna

    Carl (Vance Banzo) and Cassandro (Guled Abdi) just want to be part of the cool crowd. So when they go out partying they over indulge and wake up to find themselves trapped as part of a "cool" prank. Can they...
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  • Sep 03 2018

    Ep. 151 – Vance Banzo

    The Spooky Boat Deck Today on Spooked! Colin throws his son into the lake, Damien lives under water now, Cody doesn't screenshot that Weiner pic, and Vance is an angry water cellist. We get wet and wild today, so grab...
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  • Mar 16 2018

    Vance Banzo And Mikey

    At an auto repair shop/employment service centre, mechanic Clyde Jenkins (Vance Banzo) has found the remains of town jerk Marty Short spread throughout a vehicle. Shop owner Mikey drops in, as does Marty's widow, and the four discuss various affairs,...
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