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  • Sep 15 2019

    Vanessa Walsh (Part 2 of 2)

    This episode, Erin and Vanessa conclude their talk on Polyamory. Listener questions range from "Do contracts work?" to "How do you meet other poly people?" to "How do you I tell my partner that I want to open up the...
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  • Sep 08 2019

    Vanessa Walsh (Part 1 of 2)

    Part One of a two parter on Polyamory, with returning guest Vanessa Walsh. Listen along as these two poly babes talk about jealousy vs. compersion, what their parents think, and what advice they would give to themselves when they were...
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  • Oct 26 2018

    Vanessa Walsh

    It's Episode 153, and Erin welcomes erotic artist Vanessa Walsh into the studio. This time the ladies talk about displaying your art in sex clubs, the deliciousness of hosiery, and how to deal with your feels in poly relationships.
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