Veronica Antipolo
Part midlife crisis and sassy leap of faith, Veronica Antipolo started stand-up comedy and storytelling after getting fired from “a good job” at 45, yet looking 27. She's featured in the Fresh Rice: New Asian Comedians webseries, and the co-founder of Mosaic Untold Lives - a storytelling platform for Women of Color. Her stories and writing have been featured in Stories We Don't Tell: The Book, CBC Radio's The Doc Project, and other publications. She is gregarious and hilarious Sassy La V.

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You Better Represent! (32)

You Better Represent!
May 25 2021 Guest

‘Infernal Affairs’ and When Lies Become The Truth

Our All-Asian panel reviews 'Infernal Affairs' and discusses real-world examples of when lies become the truth, which is a topic plucked from the themes of the movie.
May 18 2021 Guest

‘Police Story (1985)’ and Clearing Your Name

All-Asian panel reviews 'Police Story (1985)' and discusses times in our lives we've been wrongfully accused and had to clear our names, which is a key theme from the movie.
May 04 2021 Guest

‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ and Uniting Against A Bigger Threat

Reviewing 'Godzilla Vs. Kong' starring Alexander Skarsgard and Millie Bobby Brown. Discussing times in our lives we've united against a bigger threat, which is a key theme in the film.
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