Vong Show
Official spokesperson for gay, super cute Asians. Vong's goal is to Enlighten Through Laughter by sharing stories that haven’t been told, because Those Stories Matter.  Vong grew up in one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in all of Canada, a community of vibrant, resilient people who lived fascinating lives. But growing up he didn't see his stories reflected on screen. Asians were so underrepresented in media that the only yellow family on TV was the Simpsons. As he got older, he started speaking out at human rights conferences and learned two important lessons: 1) Humour is an excellent vehicle to capture attention and deliver a message no matter how difficult the topic 2) he was preaching to the converted. Everyone there already agreed with what he had to say. He decided it was important to reach a broader audience, so he applied the lessons he learned by adding humour to his stories to spread the message through standup comedy. By using Laughter as his Ammunition against ignorance, intolerance and bigotry, Vong was able to connect with other people who feel like they haven't been heard, and let them know that Their Stories Matter.
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