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Real Legitimate Anthology

Captivating, character-driven, full-cast audiodramas in a mini-series format.
Dec 04 2020

04: Real Legitimate Actors

Real Legitimate Anthology

04: Real Legitimate Actors

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Aiden introduces Sam and Evan to Brittany. Evan receives a call from a mysterious man. Sam and Evan hatch a plan.

Inspirational Quote: “Any good actor has to have a good sense of humour. They have to be able to manipulate people.” – Chevy Chase

Thank you for listening.

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Ian Geldart – @iangeldart
Ezra Fama de Smit – @ezrafamadesmit
Adam Alberts – @adam_alberts  / Bad Bunch
Ewa Wolniczek – @ewawolHare Bnb
David Chinchilla – @davidchin088

Theme Song: “The Bread is Hard as Crackers” by Velella Velella / CC A-NC 3.0



  • Ewa Wolniczek

    Ewa Wolniczek is an actor and producer. Most recently she's co-written, acted and produced two shorts which will both be...

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  • David Chinchilla

    David Chinchilla is a Graduate of Humber's theatre Performance Program. In addition to his acting training, David has had extensive...

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