Real Legitimate Anthology

Captivating, character-driven, full-cast audiodramas in a mini-series format.
Jan 31 2022

10: Real Legitimate Apparitions

Real Legitimate Anthology

10: Real Legitimate Apparitions

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Dylan visits his past, makes a discovery, and receives a phone call.

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TW: Suicide. If you’re in need of help anytime call 833-456-4566

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Cast of Real Legitimate Apparitions
Chris Cavener – Dylan
Sarah Camacho – Rachel, Sarah, Edward, Library Security
Aris Tyros – Nathan, Murphy, Construction Worker, Others man
Sean Colby – Thomas, Cinema Employee
Ewa Wolniczek – Mrs. Truco, Amy, Madison, Dr. Nielson
Blessing Adedijo – Meisha, Dulux Employee, Cinema Employee
Michael Wamara – Desmond
Mara Lazaris – Catherine
Ian Geldart – Ray, Others Man, Cop, Library Security
Heath V. Salazar – Neph
Ezra Fama de Smit – Super Intendant, Science Host, Student
And Patreon donor Kate Henderson – Kate.

Thank you to our Patreon donors: Marcos Santiago, Kate Henderson, Cassandra, Kip Dreyfus

Real Legitimate Apparitions was made possible through ACTRA. Written by Ian Geldart. Produced by Audian Sound.

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