Self Esteem Party

Alana Johnston interviews her showbiz pals and dives right into the core of who they are in this hilarious and painfully real podcast that explores all things Self Esteem.
Nov 11 2020

Ashleigh Crystal Hairston

Self Esteem Party

Ashleigh Crystal Hairston

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On this week’s episode, Alana and her guest Ashleigh Crystal Hairston (Craig of the Creek, The Neighborhood) have a massive revelation about how Ashleigh’s search for the perfect chair represents her fear of moving forward and how the chair actually represents her search for a lifelong partner. They also talk about Pandemi bodies and the power it holds over them.

Produced/husband/roommate Norm Sousa woke up tired and boy is he making it everyone’s problem. Also, Alana threatens to throw her dog in a dumpster even though she absolutely does not mean it and loves her dog more than anything.

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