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Self Esteem Party

Alana Johnston interviews her showbiz pals and dives right into the core of who they are in this hilarious and painfully real podcast that explores all things Self Esteem.
Sep 01 2020

Mike Lane

Self Esteem Party

Mike Lane

01:08:33 Download (55MB)

On this week’s episode, Alana and her guest Mike Lane (Modern Family) discuss the struggle of asking for help, dating in a Pandemi and how Alana’s husband Norm is gonna fight Mike because he won’t stop flirting with her and she is absolutely LOVING IT! You better believe this is our steamiest episode yet!

Producer/husband/roommate Norm Sousa finally clocks in with a higher self esteem party rating leaving Alana in complete shock. Alana confront him about why he left the “check” system and where this high rating really came from.

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Email: selfesteemparty@gmail.com

Hosted by: Alana Johnston
Instagram: @theonlyalanajohnston
Twitter: @alana_johnston


  • Mike Lane

    LA based actor/writer. Mike Lane has recently appeared on Modern Family, Mom and American Princess. He recently wrote for the...

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