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Spencer Wants To Know

Comedian and TV host Spencer Litzinger revisits the struggles and failed classes from her school days. Every week her boyfriend Eli quizzes her on those subjects to see if she can redeem herself and learn things along the way.
Nov 29 2021

EPISODE 8: Temperature

Spencer tries to set up her recently widowed mom with her grade 7 science teacher, gets her phobia of the inside of the human body triggered repeatedly, and learns to fear hypothermia at all times.
Spencer Wants To Know

EPISODE 8: Temperature

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Nov 15 2021

EPISODE 6: World War I

Spencer spells the word 'remember' multiple times, Eli talks about his Vietnam War deserter dad, and they both learn the...
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Nov 08 2021


Spencer talks about her dyscalculia, tells a very sad story, and learns math from a tango dancer.
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About Spencer Wants To Know

Comedian and TV host Spencer Litzinger passed high school by the skin of her teeth. Learning disabilities, family tragedies, a stay in a mental hospital, and an attempted emancipation all made studying pretty difficult for her. But now she wants to fill those gaps in her knowledge with the help of her boyfriend Eli, a former ESL teacher. Every week, Eli explores Spencer’s stash of report cards to find a school subject she struggled with and gives her a baseline test. Spencer then gets 30 minutes to cram before a second final test that will decide whether she passes or fails that episode.

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Category: Education - Self Improvement
Rating: TV-G
Type: Episodic