May 12 2020

3.05 Are You From Pinner with Lez Hang Out

Spilling Eve - A Killing Eve Podcast

3.05 Are You From Pinner with Lez Hang Out

01:25:30 Download (78MB)

Kristy and special guests Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster (Hosts of the Lez Hang Out podcast) break down Killing Eve Season three, episode five. They discuss this break from format and deep dive into Vilanelle’s origin story, as well as queer representation on the show, dung throwing, and so much more. Plus your eve-mails and a hot new edition of recommendation station!

IMDB Synopsis:

Villanelle visits her family in Russia, and while the quirky reunion starts as an opportunity to reconnect and answer unknowns about her childhood, a profound moment of clarity sends her on a disturbing and downward spiral.


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