Squirrel Talk!

Canadian drag queens and comics Vicki Lix, Selena Vyle & Hillary Yaas talk shop about Rupaul's Drag Race and the outstanding drag talent we have in Canada!
Sep 05 2022

Canada’s Drag Race 3 | Masquerade Ball!

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Squirrel Talk!

Canada’s Drag Race 3 | Masquerade Ball!

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Hillary is back from her break and Selena & her talk Camp Wannakiki! Oh yeah, and also Drag Race!

So far Hillary has been killing it on Camp Wannakiki! Bringing looks to the talent show and cracking the judges up constantly! And Selena has been… cracking nuts? If you haven’t seen her Sofa look… look again! It’s amazing.

We talk about how this season has been pretty enjoyable (expect for the producers) but maybe they are finally starting to realize it? How the queen’s FINALLY have personalities and time to show them! And that while we are okay with the top 4, we don’t necessarily think its the correct one. BUT huge congratulations are in order for our Toronto Sisters!

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