Squirrel Talk!

Canadian drag queens and comics Vicki Lix, Selena Vyle & Hillary Yaas talk shop about Rupaul's Drag Race and the outstanding drag talent we have in Canada!
Sep 18 2023

Squirrel Talk #196 | The One After FanExpo & Drag Race UK, Down Under & France & Mexico!

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Squirrel Talk!

Squirrel Talk #196 | The One After FanExpo & Drag Race UK, Down Under & France & Mexico!

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Look. We set that bar really high last week doing a LIVE pod at Fan Expo – that was a high point the recent pod, so okay everyone we are setting the bar a little lower and getting back in touch with our pond scum level selves.

We talk drag race franchises, we talk politics and unions and the end of things and campfire nostalgia and improv shows, the days before smart phone and T9! ASMR second half included!

Come listen to us chat, and slide into our DMs with your thoughts! @squirreltalkpodcast

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