The Pick Up - A WNBA Podcast

Comedians Cathryn Naiker and Freddie Rivas explore the world of the WNBA from a fan perspective.
Dec 12 2022

The Pick Up Episodec 37

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The Pick Up - A WNBA Podcast

The Pick Up Episodec 37

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Hosts Cathryn Naiker and Freddie Rivas celebrate the release of Brittney Griner. Then we talk about Paul Whealan and their hopes for his release. We talk about the backlash surrounding her release, who she was traded for, and the discriminatory undertones behind those critiques. and how this could affect Brittney. We analyze a variety of possibilities for her next steps and share our favourite Twitter reactions and in Freddie’s Fun Question / Cathryn Quirky Question, we fantasize how we would greet her at the airport.

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