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Oct 12 2020

Happy Good with Chris Locke

Utopia To Me? With Chris Locke

Happy Good with Chris Locke

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You’ve heard everyone else’s utopia, now it’s time to hear Chris’s! Drift off into the magical world of Chris’s mind with his new podcast “Happy Good with Chris Locke”. It’s a weekly funny meditation that takes you on a jolly adventure through his imagination.

Here’s a sample episode to get you started! It’s called “A Strawberry Full of Frogs”. Spit all of your vile negativity into a lake of goo and walk towards the orange creamsicle haze.

If you like what you hear, subscribe to “Happy Good with Chris Locke” wherever you get your pods or listen at www.happygoodworld.com.

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Instagram: @happygoodworld
Twitter: @happygoodworld
Facebook: @chrislockefun
Email: happygoodpod@gmail.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/happygoodworld

Hosted By:
Chris Locke: @ChrisLockeWorld
All music by @bikedrew


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