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May 13 2024

‘Yub Nub’ joins the Sonar podcast network and supports the Make A Wish foundation for Podathon 2024

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We break the news that Yub Nub is joining The Sonar Podcast Network and talk about seeing The Phantom Menace in theaters as part of PODATHON 2024, the fourth annual, all-day marathon livestream event benefiting MAKE-A-WISH.
Yub Nub

‘Yub Nub’ joins the Sonar podcast network and supports the Make A Wish foundation for Podathon 2024

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About Yub Nub

Yub Nub started in 2020 as a way for comedy writers and veterans of the TV/new media wars, Tim Barnes (The Tonight Show), Greg Iwinski (The Late Show, Last Week Tonight), and Jim Fagan (Comedy Central) to survive the pandemic and push back against a faction of Star Wars fandom in love with complaining about Star Wars. Three years later, it’s become a meeting place for Star Wars and media-loving comedy nerds to talk about all things Star Wars, film, and TV through the point of view of the people who make it, and lovers of all things far far away. In each episode Tim and Jim use Star Wars as their wayfinder through the entertainment industry with occasional pop-in guests who have included James Austin Johnson (SNL), Krystina Arielle (Star Wars The High Republic Show) and Felipe Torres Medina (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert).


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