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Media-making from a Star Wars point of view.
May 13 2024

‘Yub Nub’ joins the Sonar podcast network and supports the Make A Wish foundation for Podathon 2024

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Yub Nub

‘Yub Nub’ joins the Sonar podcast network and supports the Make A Wish foundation for Podathon 2024

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We break the news that Yub Nub is joining The Sonar Podcast Network and talk about seeing The Phantom Menace in theaters as part of PODATHON 2024, the fourth annual, all-day marathon livestream event benefiting MAKE-A-WISH.

Conceived by a handful of podcasters in 2020 as a way to raise money for Make-A-Wish at the height of the pandemic, Podathon has become an annual event that continues to do good as a result of the generosity of the STAR WARS fan community.

Starting May 31, you can look forward to a season of episodes about the media that influenced George Lucas in the creation of ‘Star Wars’ as well as the media George Lucas made leading up to the 1977 release of the original film.

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Episode Credits:

Hosts: Greg Iwinski, Jim Fagan, & Tim Barnes
Theme Song: Matt Maher
Podcast Art: Joel Jackson

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