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Chika Chika with the Titas

Chika Chika with the Titas is a podcast where multidisciplinary artists the Tita Collective explore Filipin* art and how it reflects on their experiences as members of the Filipin* diaspora in Canada.
Jul 10 2020

Episode 4 – Behind the Titavengers

In this episode, the Titas talk about the creation process and themes in their sketch “Titavengers” from their award winning show Tita Jokes. They remotely take a trip down memory lane, unpacking its evolution, and how relevant the sketch is today.
Chika Chika with the Titas

Episode 4 – Behind the Titavengers

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About Chika Chika with the Titas

Kamusta! We are the Tita Collective, award winning multidisciplinary artists. We dance, we sing and we will make you snort-laugh halo halo through your nose. In Chika Chika with the Titas, we will be chatting about Filipin* arts and culture as a reflection of our lives as Filipinas in the diaspora. In this season, we will breakdown themes of our show Tita Jokes, which is a love letter to the strong Filipinas in our lives We talk about identity, feminism, homesickness, and more. So don’t miss an episode anak! Come chika chika with your Titas!


Category: Society & Culture - Personal Journals
Rating: TV-G
Type: Episodic