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Shh I'm Watching a Movie

The worst way to watch anything. Also, check out our other feed for the full unedited podcast that you can line up with the movie at home:
Jan 09 2020

Episode 47 – Mafia! w/ Gavin Pounds

Gavin joins us to watch the missing link between Mel Brooks and Scary Movie. We have a blast. A tree gets shot and dies. It's fun.


Shh I'm Watching a Movie

Episode 47 – Mafia! w/ Gavin Pounds

01:06:12 Download (61MB)
18Jan8:00 pm
January 2020188:00 pm - 1:00 am

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2 uninformed comedians watch a movie one of them hasn’t seen and talk through the whole thing. Don’t worry we edited just the good parts for your safety.

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