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Truths Be Told

A storytelling comedy podcast.
Mar 09 2020

26 – Loss & Saying Goodbye

Explicit Content
Lindsay and her guests discuss the grief that comes from the loss of a close relationship or the death of...


  • Michael Roik
  • Glenys Marshall
+ 1 More
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Feb 03 2020

25 – Feuds & Frenemies

Explicit Content
Lindsay and her guests discuss personal and famous feuds. They also dive into the problematic yet common dynamic of the...


  • Rj City
  • Nicole Passmore
  • Allana Reoch
  • Laura Olsen
+ 3 More
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Dec 23 2019

24 – The Inside Scoop

Explicit Content
Lindsay dissects the creative process of two upcoming shows: New Eden (streaming original series) & TEASE (Theatre). Guests include: Evany...


  • Evany Rosen
  • Kayla Lorette
  • Cristina Gonçalves
  • Bianca Alongi
+ 3 More
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Guest of the Month – March

Natalie Metcalfe is currently a member of The The Second City Mainstage's 84th review. A former member of The Sketchersons, Bad Dog Theatre Company's Featured Players, and legendary musical The Adventures of Tom Shadow,… Read More

About Truths Be Told

A storytelling comedy podcast that puts you on the receiving end of some truly riveting true stories. Host Lindsay Mullan dives into a new theme each episode with her dynamic and entertaining guests.

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Category: Comedy - Comedy Interviews
Rating: TV-14
Type: Episodic
Frequency: Weekly