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Truths Be Told

A storytelling comedy podcast.
Mar 11 2019

10 – Musicians

Explicit Content
Lindsay chats with some very talented Canadian musicians on the rise. This episode is for anyone curious about how the music industry works and for anyone who has ever lip-synced with a hair brush in their bedroom. Guest include: Jay McCarrol, Jocelyn Alice, and Alexis Young.
Truths Be Told

10 – Musicians

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Feb 25 2019

9 – So Romantic

Explicit Content
Lindsay and her guests warm up the cockles of your frozen heart with their sweetest romantic stories. You’ll be grinning...


  • Kelsey Falconer
  • Andrew Phung
  • Tamara Sharpe-Phung
  • Jake Goldman
+ 3 More
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Feb 11 2019

8 – Comedy Writers

Explicit Content
In her first episode out of studio Lindsay delves into the world of comedy writing with some of LA's finest...


  • Norm Hiscock
  • Tim Long
  • Levi MacDougall
+ 2 More
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Oct 29 2018

7 – A Date With Fate

Explicit Content
Lindsay and her guests get spooky and mystical in their search for meaning in the universe. Coincidences, curses, and the...


  • Daphney Joseph
  • Laura Cilevitz
  • Gwynne Phillips
  • Emily Poulin
  • Natalie Capone
+ 4 More
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About Truths Be Told

A storytelling comedy podcast that puts you on the receiving end of some truly riveting true stories. Host Lindsay Mullan dives into a new theme each episode with her dynamic and entertaining guests.

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Category: Comedy
Rating: TV-14
Type: Episodic
Frequency: Weekly