May 01 2021

Guest of the Month – May

Antony Hall wearing a Book It Vince shirt

ANTONY HALL is an Asian-Canadian improviser/actor who originally hails from Lethbridge, Alberta. He is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory and Theatre Arts Program at MacEwan University.

He performs with a number of improv teams in the city including Gentleman Frog and Darth Vader Ginsburg.

You might also know him as his comedy rap persona Young Riesling when he appears as part of the hip hop duo Whyte Wyne and Young Riesling.

Antony is also a writer and co-creator of short-form digital series Ming’s Dynasty featured on CBC Gem, FUSETV and FICTO, which is inspired by his life growing up in small town Alberta and incorporates his comedy rap stylings!

Antony has appeared on several Sonar shows, you can check out all his episodes here: https://www.thesonarnetwork.com/people/antony-hall/

We asked Antony a few questions:

🔶Q: What’s the funniest thing you misunderstood as a kid?
🔷A: A: I thought the Canadian House Hippo was real. I panicked over the possibilities of other animals being “house-sized” and was afraid I’d step on them in the dark.

🔶Q: What TV show do you love but are ashamed to admit it?
🔷A: Love Island. Just the sheer amount of episodes per week and the drama really does it for me. Plus I think I’d be a lovely Love Island narrator.

🔶Q: What’s something you’re glad you’ll never have to do again?
🔷A: Grade 7 Math? Going through puberty during Grade 7 Math?

🔶Q: Which fast food chain will win the fast food wars?
🔷A: Wendy and her frosty battalion accompanied by the fresh, never frozen beefcakes will reign supreme. Their spicy chicken sandwich is good too.

🔶Q: What’s your favourite Sonar episode that you’ve done?
🔷A: The Confederacy of Dunks episode feat. myself & Adam Christie where Freddie asked us to plan out a perfect winter day with Serge Ibaka. That was hilarious.

🔶Q: What do you have that people can check out now?
🔷A: My digital series Ming’s Dynasty is streaming on CBC GEM, Ficto and FuseTV! I also co-host a Wrestling dream-match podcast with my buddy Martin Bennett called “Book it Vince”.

Do you have a favourite guest? A favourite episode of Antony’s? Let us know!

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