Aug 02 2021

Guest of the Month: LISA GILROY!


Lisa Gilroy is an LA-based Canadian Comedy Award winner and alumna of The Second City and The Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Her credits include NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Whitney Cummings’s Pet Friendly, and Let’s Be Real on Fox.

We asked Lisa a few questions!
🟡 Q: Which 2 animals should never be combined in a laboratory?
🔵 A: Big dog and little dog.
🟡 Q: What’s the most useless talent you have?
🔵 A: I can do a very good impression of a lawn mower.
🟡 Q: Name something you’re too old to do but still enjoy.
🔵 A: Upsetting my parents.
🟡 Q: What do you wish there was an app for?
🔵 A: Finding good food. I believe the food-finding apps available to us are corrupt.
🟡 Q: What’s your favourite Sonar episode that you’ve been on?
🔵 A: I can’t choose! I guess the one where I shared something too personal and/or played a distractingly bad character (all of them)
🟡 Q: What do you have that people can check out now?
🔵 A: Twitty, Toky and Insty @thelisagilroy
Do you have a favourite guest? Let us know!

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