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Feb 21 2023

The Duggar Cult: 19 Kids and Counting w/ Sammy P

It’s Become a Whole Thing

The Duggar Cult: 19 Kids and Counting w/ Sammy P

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[CW: child ab*se, SA]

The first time we met the Duggar family was in a one hour special we discuss at (10:25) called “14 Kids and Pregnant Again”, a whimsical look at the day-to-day life of a seemingly loving family. It would go on to evolve 4 more times from 17 Kids and Counting to 18 Kids, 19 Kids its final form, Counting On. We talk about the shiny, glossy side of the show and the sinister undertones of it’s rigid and cult-like nature. Their shows were brought to a screeching halt in 2020 by the most horrifying scandal of Josh Duggar. This is the most grim “Where Are They Now?” the show may ever have, with a look back and how different reality is from how we treated cults in the early 2000s.

Watch the one-hour 14 Kids and Pregnant Again Special

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