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Feb 21 2022

The Kristen and Dax Episode w/ Sammy P

It’s Become a Whole Thing

The Kristen and Dax Episode w/ Sammy P

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By popular demand, here is our deep dive into one of the most divisive and talked about couples in Hollywood, Dax Shepperd and Kristen Bell. We explore their fights, scandals, why some people love them and why so many people love to hate them.

We ask; is there a difference between twin flames and a couple that just argues constantly? What purpose does “radical honesty” serve? Do they hate each other? More specifically, does Dax resent Kristen? And finally, is Dax’s approach to relationships and communication radically honest or just a rebranded pseudo-psychology version of toxic masculinity?

Content warning: discussions about the documentary Woodstock ’99 including mentions of SA & violence

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