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Mar 21 2022

The Rise and Fall of Hillsong w/ Sammy P

It’s Become a Whole Thing

The Rise and Fall of Hillsong w/ Sammy P

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Emily and Sam dive deep into the nefarious world of Hillsong, detailing how it went from a trendy celebrity church to shrouded by allegations of scandal, corruption, and systemic abuse.

(2:10) We start off lightly with some chitchat; ranking my past dysfunctional relationships and a shoutout to our listeners in unexpected places. (20:50) Then we explore the origins of Hillsong: an Australian export and their first megachurch. (23:00) We explore its image, looking like a trendy nightclub, turning around the “uncool” image of Christianity and attracting celebs celebs like Justin and Hailey Bieber. (31:50) We discuss Carl lentz and the pastors that act like a facsimile for holy figure while living lives of corruption and hypocrisy. (31:05) We detail all the celebs who are or were once involved in the church; Justin and Hailey, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian Chris Pratt, Vanessa Hudgens, Bono and the Australian prime minister, touching on some blind items about Chris Pratt’s involvement in Hillsong and its dark implications.

(38:00) We discuss Justin Bieber’s questionable and bizarre relationship with leaders Carl Letz and Judas Smith; having no boundaries, Justin temporarily moving in with Carl Lentz. Was Carl Lentz grooming Justin?

(42:10) We discuss their flashy marketing as the “cool hipster church” covering up their subtle conversion therapy operation and Chris Pratt defending their homophobia and include a listener’s bizarre firsthand account of attending a Hillsong women’s conference.

(101:00) Content warning: one member’s claims of SA at the church – (103:15)

(1:04:00) From the ashes of Hillsong, Churchome has risen; who’s on the board of directors of the “newest, coolest celebrity church” including the Kardashians, Ciara, and Lou Taylor and current members Justin and Hailey.

Content warning: SA, violence, abuse

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