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Killed to Death

The Improvised True Crime Podcast
Mar 18 2016

Shannon Lahaie And Neill Blomkamp

Explicit Content
Killed to Death

Shannon Lahaie And Neill Blomkamp

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When a shirtless, masked teenager is found dead in a planetarium, scientist Veronica Moon (Shannon Lahaie) is brought in to figure out the culprit.

Attention is finally given to the space knife wars, and a star with a very, very funny name.

Astronaut Neill Blomkamp (not to be confused with the film director) talks about the training program run out of the planetarium, involving knives, trampolines, and classic zingers.

Murder bad – Chrysler Good!


  • Shannon Lahaie

    Shannon LahaieĀ is an actor in Toronto and a graduate of The Second City Conservatory Program. She has written and performed...

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