Alex Kolanko
Alex Kolanko is a writer and comedian in Toronto. He co-created and runs the show Fake Cops Present The Disaster as well as performed in multiple cities around North America with Fake Cops. Alex is a member of long running sketch troupe The Sketchersons that puts on the weekly show Sunday Night Live. With the video collective Public Works he created Shitty Tasty and other video series.

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Killed to Death (6)

Killed to Death
Apr 08 2022 Guest

Alex Kolanko and Jared Tarpinkle

Barry Henly and Ryan Higgler (Alex Kolanko), twins with a different last name (never touched on), work as a freelance news duo - cameraman and reporter, respectively. That is, until Barry is found dead.
Apr 03 2020 Guest

Alex Kolanko And Mick

Live from the International Space Station, Soviet cosmonaut Dimitri Karkanoff (Alex Kolanko) tries to solve the murder of a fellow astronaut.
Dec 21 2018 Guest

Alex Kolanko

A dentist immediately confesses.
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