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Isabel Kanaan

Isabel is an actor, comedian, and writer best known for CBC’s Air Farce, the Canadian Comedy Award winning troupe “The Sketchersons,” the lead in the award-winning series Haunted or Hoax, the multi-award winning group “Tita Collective,” and the multi-award winning toured sketch revue Hey 90s’ Kids, You’re Old. She garnered rave reviews on her performance in Factory Theatre’s Prairie Nurse and as the lead in Ponytail during the Reel Asian International Film Festival. She was awarded the NBC Universal Bob Curry Fellowship, the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award, one of NOW Toronto’s breakthrough stage artists, one of Torontoist’s Mirthful Mx. In The 6ix (previously “Local Ladies Who Make Us Laugh”), and was nominated for a Premier’s Award for her expeditious achievements in comedy, theatre, and film/TV. Selected TV Credits: TallBoyz (CBC), Hudson & Rex (City TV), Good Witch (Hallmark), Nurses (Global TV)

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  • Sep 07 2020

    Ep. 250 – Spooktacular Year 5 Pt. 4

    Today on Spooked! It's our five year anniversary (still!) and we're keeping that gravy train rolling! We've got an episode for each year of Spooked! So put the kids to bed, order in some takeout, and get ready to get...
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  • Mar 15 2020

    Isabel Kanaan

    This week Erin welcomes Isabel Kanaan to the podcast. Listen along as the ladies talk about first kisses with girls, bisexual myths & stigmas, and queer TikToks.
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  • May 17 2019

    Being partners in crime w/ Isabel Kanaan | Fckgirls Episode 37

    Today we are joined by the wonderful and talented Isabel Kanaan! Who thinks it’s very important to know if your partner will help you in a murder situation, or if they will phone the cops. A deal breaker for sure.
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  • Mar 04 2019

    37 – Most Popular Kid In School

    In this episode, we are joined by Isabel Kanaan and Alia Rasul to discuss the wish, "I wish I was the most popular guy in school" The discussion that follows covers going clubs, winning over teachers and man-slaughter.
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  • Jan 21 2019

    Ep. 171 – Isabel Kanaan

    The Spooky Infuriated
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  • Jan 07 2019

    29 – Visit Any Time

    We are joined by Isabel Kanaan and Alia Rasul to discuss the wish, "I wish I could visit any time." The discussion that follows covers oysters vs. peanut butter, quarks with personality, and the most annoying person history never recorded.
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  • Oct 01 2018

    18 – Shapeshifting

    In this episode, we are joined by Alia Rasul and Isabel Kanaan to discuss the wish "Shapeshifting. I'd waste it on making the perfect cosplays every time." The discussion that follows explores never acting in sequels, impersonating world leaders, and...
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