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Jun 21 2023

Sonar Presents: Summer Camp (The Case of the Phantom Pooper)

Real Legitimate Anthology

Sonar Presents: Summer Camp (The Case of the Phantom Pooper)

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Based on a true story, Summer Camp: The Case of the Phantom Pooper follows camp director Mookie as he struggles to solve a string of seriously smelly pranks. Join Mookie and his team on this whimsical caper, and find yourself transported to the best place on earth: summer camp.

After an iconic camp monument is desecrated, camp director Mookie launches an investigation.

Follow the whole story at https://thesonarnetwork.com/summer-camp/

Written and produced by Jeremy “Mookie” Enns
Additional writing, story editing and graphic design by Jordan “Hawks” Stothers
Audio editing, mixing and mastering by Josh from soundflip.co
Music composed by Matt McGinley from mattmcginleymusic.com

Instagram: @summercamp.pod
Twitter: @jeremy_enns

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