Mar 08 2021

Guest of the Month – March

Miguel Rivas is an actor, writer and producer from Toronto, ON. He’s best known for co-anchoring three seasons of the CTV satirical news program The Beaverton. He has also appeared on multiple seasons of CBC’s Baroness Von Sketch, and on VRV’s animated Gary and His Demons. A veteran of the live comedy scene, Miguel and his brother Freddie are the co-creators and co-hosts of the much lauded Rapp Battlez. He has appeared at Just For Laughs, JFL 42, San Francisco Sketchfest, Toronto Sketchfest, Philadelphia Sketchfest and Montreal Sketchfest, and is a founding member of the Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch super troupe Get Some. Miguel has most recently enjoyed writing and performing on CBC Radio’s Because News with Gavin Crawford. Check out Miguel on the current season of Pretty Hard Cases on CBC!

You can check out all of his episodes here:

We Asked Miguel a few Questions!!!

🔶Q: What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever gotten away with?
🔷A: When I was 14, I worked the grill at a Wendy’s. The older teen grill guy taught me that if you lined your pocket with a wrapper, you could assemble a burger in your pocket during your shift and than secretly eat it in the bathroom during your break. Capitalism is bleak!

🔶Q: What’s the luckiest thing you own?
🔷A: I have this one toque that I’ve had for like so many years and I can’t lose it. I swear I’ve lost it like 14 times and then it just shows up in the oddest place. I hate this toque! It is cursed! But it’s very very lucky I guess,

🔶Q: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever smelled?
🔷A: One time a bunch of us went to a friend’s parents’ cottage and they had a meat freezer stocked with like 300 dollars worth of meat. Well, I guess in the two weeks that no one had been there a fuse blew and the freezer turned off. When we showed up we thought a whole family of raccoons had maybe died under the cottage floor, but the someone opened the meat freezer. A true nightmare. We spent a day and half cleaning it all up. I can’t tell you how we got rid of it all but we did nickname that weekend “Rancid Meat Gasoline Fire.”

🔶Q: If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
🔷A: Probably buy a sick bass! I’d slap that thing and then probably buy a Jeep Wrangler. Small dreams.

🔶Q: What’s your favourite Sonar episode that you’ve done?
🔷A: I really enjoyed the last time I was on Killed to Death. I got to work in several curling jokes as my new character Shep Hardaway.

🔶Q: What do you have that people can check out now?
🔷A: Everyone should check out the Tony Ho Podcast on CBC Podcasts. It’s the weird wild sketch you’ve come to expect from Tony Ho (myself, Roger Bainbridge and Adam Nibergall) plus GUESTS. You can also catch me on the first season of Pretty Hard Cases on CBC and CBC Gem!

Do you have a favourite guest? A favourite episode of Miguel’s? Let us know!

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