Jul 09 2021

Podcast Listening IS Self-Care!

Since starting therapy nearly two years ago, it’s been a journey trying to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t in regard to my self-care; the things we do to care for our physical, mental and spiritual health. If you’re anything like me you’re all or nothing;  I either have to be doing yoga and meditation and journaling every day or what’s the point of a routine? I’ve been slowly unlearning this way of thinking and have come to realize that even the small, seemingly insignificant things you do for yourself every day count toward your well-being. It can be as simple as making your bed, folding the laundry or making a home cooked meal instead of ordering in. Recently, for me, making time to listen to my favourite podcasts has been an essential part of my self-care, and here’s why:

Who in the Hell Wants a Musty Brain?

Like listening to upbeat music, listening to a podcast is a great mood lifter. Depending on what you’re listening to it could be like having a great conversation with friends (that don’t respond back to you unfortunately, and maybe embarrassingly?) or listening to a really well told story about the most nonsensical topic ever. Whatever it is you choose to listen to, it’s a great way to put yourself in a better state of mind, and even science agrees! According to a UC Berkeley study, listening to story narratives – like in a podcast – activates different parts of the brain! (goodhousekeeping.com, 2020). When you listen to a meditation podcast, it can make you more focused and productive in your day-to-day life. Humour podcasts – the ones that really make you laugh – is a great way to reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels (2020). It’s easy to get wrapped up in external responsibilities and forget to do things for yourself, being overworked and under-rested is no longer the vibe! As the lovely Dustin Ross (The Friend Zone) would say: “who in the hell wants a musty brain?” Take a break from the hustle, listen to a podcast, and call it self-care!

It’s Free .99!

For so long I believed self-care was getting a deep tissue massage on a regular basis, a 12-step skincare routine or eating an acai bowl every morning. Expensive shit. Taking care of yourself does NOT have to break the bank! As if they aren’t great enough already, podcasts are free to listen to! From the Apple podcasts app, Spotify or directly from the pod’s website, they’re super accessible and easy to listen to anywhere, any time!

Here are three of my favourite Sonar pods to listen to:

Nostalgique (Hosted by Ben Sosa Wright & Aba Amuquandoh)
Check out this episode with Toronto comedian Lauren Mitchell. They talk Alanis Morrisette, her cultural influence, her poetry and how men have been trash for literally ever!

Para(normal) (Hosted by Marie Adoranti and Nicolina Savelli)
Check out this episode where host Marie tells the creepy yet somewhat humorous story of “Gef” the Talking Mongoose that occurred in the 1930s, and Nicolina takes us down memory lane to discuss the tainted reputation of the black cat, and some of the most prolific paranormal events where black cats had serious main character energy, including the infamous Black Cat at of Killakee.

Self Esteem Party Podcast (Hosted by Alana Johnston)
Check out this episode with Ann Pornel (Great Canadian Baking Show on CBC). Alana and Ann talk about the importance of community, the joy of small talk and Alana’s alter ego “Aloona Jackson”!


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